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One of the crochet patterns in my Ravelry Shop is on sale for 40% off — which one could it be?

I would be remiss in my duties as the blogger of this website if I didn’t encourage you to subscribe to this blog ———————————————–> right there! 🙂

After you’ve hunted and squelched your hunger and solved the mystery, use coupon code MYSTERY40 at checkout to receive your 40% discount! If you’d like to return kindness, it would be awesome if you would add the listing to your favorites!

mysteryGood luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

~ Wendy

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It’s a Wrap – Mother’s Day

Still looking for Mother’s Day gifts. Well, check out this collection of things to crochet by Pattern Paradise. C’mon you still have time to make Mom a special gift for her special day………

Pattern Paradise

Mother’s Day is only a week away. If you don’t have a gift for Mom yet, don’t worry, there’s still time to make Mom a handmade gift. How about a beautifully wrapped spa collection of cotton washcloths, scrub pads and soap cozies? Add a scented handmade bath soap as a special touch.


There are so many beautiful free patterns available, but here are a few of my favorites:

Daisy Cottage Desings’ Bath Pouf

Petals to Picots’ Flower Face Pads

Beatrice Ryan’s Designs Spa Washcloths

Simply Collectible Crochets Tiny Towels

Crochet Kim’s Sunshine Scrubs

spa collection Collage.jpg

Beautiful wrapping will elevate your special gift to another level, so don’t skimp. Try some creative ideas for wrapping Mom’s gift. Perhaps a gift box wrapped with antique paper and a beautiful bow (here’s a tip, wrap just the top half of the box so that she can re-use it to store special treasures),


or a basket wrapped…

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Sweet Pearls and Lace – A Baby Sweater

There are so many things going on right now so it has been hard to keep up with this blog. I wanted to let you all know that I am going to be starting up again.  To start with how about this sweet baby sweater “Pearls and Lace”.  I made this up before my daughter went into the hospital last week and have not had time to share it with you until now.  It is ready for orders in sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. You can also order the bonnet, booties, and blanket.  Get your order in now for that baby shower you have coming up.

Order at Sugar’s Sweet Stitches…..


Pearls and Lace Sweater by Sugar’s Sweet Stitches

This pattern was designed by Maria Bittner from  



To Prove a Point – Crochet

My husband and I went “junkin” today. Well, we actually went to Estates Sales in an upscale neighborhood here in Austin. You never know what you will find when you are browsing around. We found several things, some great canvases to photograph my crochet with, two gorgeous antique clocks that will go on my wall of clocks and a fan.

My greatest treasure though was this hand crochet afghan. I looked at the tag and it was $15.00. I thought great! at 1/2 price it will only cost $7.50  Well, we go to check out and the lady pulls up the tag on the afghan.  She said “Thirty dollars, it’s not worth that much.  I’ll mark it $20 and you will only pay $10.  Even though it was a little more that I thought I grabbed it up at $10.

This beautiful hand-crafted crochet afghan is very old.  But the lady was right – it wasn’t worth $30!  It was worth so much more.

I’ll never understand why people devalue hand-crocheted items.10001420_10200825773367110_1986108631_n

Crochet – Strung Out

ImageSo, I think I am done with the yarn for the day. I am all Strung Out.
 I decided to put a load of laundry on to wash.  This involved walking from the den to the master to the M.bath. and back again, back through the master, the den the kitchen the hall to the Laundry room.  As I turned to go back to my crochet, I noticed the looooong line of yarn following me back thru the hall, thru the kitchen, thru the den, to the master bedroom and into the bath.  After winding all this yarn into a nice beautiful ball.  I have decided to put the crochet down for the day.  Thank goodness I didn’t fall over the yarn this time………….


I tested this pattern for Pattern Paradise and I must tell you, I Love This Pattern. It is so fun to work with; making the Easter eggs in the color you love, the daffodils come out looking beautiful. The great thing about this pattern is that each one is a one of a kind piece of art. No one will make the same wreath that you make.
So…………….go ahead, BE CREATIVE.

Pattern Paradise

So, I was looking at my front door the other day and it looked dreary and plain, kind of like me, after the long, hard winter we’ve had. I decided it was time to start focusing on a cheery spring and I came up with this wreath to dress up my door… as for me, I got myself a manicure!

Easter Wreath IMG_0786.png

The great thing about this wreath is that it is so easy to customize. I used long T pins to pin the eggs, flowers and bunny in place.  This way I can remove them as we get through Easter and add other flowers or decorations for the next few months. I have also been playing with Tunisian crochet and offer two versions of the wreath cover – traditional and Tunisian.

wreath collage.jpg

I hope you have fun with this one and please share your finished projects on my Facebook page! ~Maria~

download button.jpg

daffodil row.jpg

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Jelly Belly Bunny Crochet Pattern

Pick up this FREE PATTERN for the Jelly Belly Bunny. She is so cute and looking for her “forever” home…….

Squirrel Picnic

Jelly Belly Bunny is ready to visit your home for Easter! No, she’s not the Easter Bunny. She’s more the Easter Bunny’s awkward sister, the one who finds and eats all the Easter Bunny’s candy before anyone else gets a chance. She’s a hoot to have around, but you’ve been warned, you’ll need go out and get more candy.

Read on to get the free pattern…

Jelly Belly Bunny Pattern by Squirrel Picnic

Jelly Belly Bunny Crochet Pattern

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