Baby Loveys – kids love them

Today I made my very first baby lovey. I made the Baby Lamb Lovey by Bowtykes.  As soon as the hooks hit the yarn, I was in love with them also.

What is a Lovey?  I hear some of you saying that.  A lovey is a very special blanket that a young child becomes attached to. It gives them a certain sense of security.  My grandson, who is 7, still carries his Spiderman blanket around. That is how we know he is tired.  Maybe you have seen small children carrying their blankets around and wondered why.  Well, now you know.

This is the Baby Lamb Lovey I made  and the Etsy listing I posted.  So if you are interested in securing your little one one of these adorable loveys, just click on my link below…..

Perfect for you little one

Perfect for you little one

The Baby Lamb Lovey is made with your baby or young child in mind.  Your little one will be so happy to find this cuddly lovey in his or her Easter basket on Easter morning right along with the other little goodies.

Not only is the lovey good for Easter, but any holiday, birthday, baby shower, or just for everyday use.  No matter what day it is your child will adore his/her new lovey.

I hand made the Baby Lamb Lovey with one of the softest yarns available and a whole lot of love. It is made with a granny square blanket attached to the lamb lovey head.  The pictured lovey is made in pink but is definitely customizable to your specific color request.  This pink lovey has a heart and flower ribbon tied around the neck.  This ribbon is completely your choice. Just let me know in the notes section upon checkout.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  the lovey is machine washable on delicate; machine dryable on low.

Want to see more?  Check here:

This pattern was designed by Bowtykes:


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