I am a wife, mother, grandmother and avid crochet artist.  It is my goal to bring to art of crochet to you though different ways: learning, sharing, seeing.

I will help you learn to crochet by bringing to you a new technique each week.  Beginning with “How to Hold Your Hook”, then “How to Make a Loop”, then a step by step explanation of each step to crocheting.

Sharing my crochet art with you is a way of showing what you can do once you learn the art.  It is my goal to inspire you to create your own masterpiece.  That is what each piece you make is……a masterpiece of art.

I will also share patterns from friends and designers in the crochet world to help you get started on your way.

If there is ever anything you want to see or ask, please do so.

PS: I did want to share with you how the name Sugar’s Sweet Stitches came about. When my younger sister and I were WAY younger, she was not able to say Cindi. So she called me darling. Mother, of course, explained to her that darling wasn’t my name and that she should call me Cindi. So, since that day and even today, she calls me “Sugar”.


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